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About Me

Myrna at Ha Long Bay, Viet Nam

My Inspiration

My primary love was the impressionists - Van Gogh, Matisse, Cezanne, Monet, Renoir, Manet, Picasso.  My informal art education began through visits to many Art Galleries and Museums including the Hermitage (St. Petersburg), the Louvre (Paris), the Uffizi (Florence) the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam), the Getty (Los Angeles and Malibu), and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York City). And there was the early love of Botero’s work - his paintings which I saw in books and his magnificent sculptures which I saw in Florence and Hawaii. And then I was inspired by the fearless Gaudi architecture in Barcelona, and the Egyptian architecture and hieroglyphics in Cairo and Luxor.

Our Painting group at Matisse's "Villa L Reves" in Vence, France

The Evolution of My Painting Passion

It all started  about 15 years ago by studying water colour with Lynn Colpitts in West Vancouver.  We framed my first painting, covered it with non-glare glass, and now it is hidden,. But that's how it started.

I found better and easier expression in acrylic and oil painting with my mentor, Valentina  Ratschenko in Palm Desert. Once I was retired, I had the time!

Four Plein Aire workshops with Valentina and other painting novices at Big Bear Lake, CA fueled the passion.

But there were others who helped - I expanded my visualization horizon with workshops with Robert Burridge, Palm Desert.

And can't forget the workshop with Jill Logan in Todos Santos, Mexico.

Then there was the encouragement by workshops and private lessons with my friend Karen Curry in Vancouver, Palm Desert, and Vence France. 

And learning from  Halin de  Repetigny in Whistler (picture below).


The Fusion of Life

Painting is my passion of self expression, of creation, of communication.

Fashion and interior design are successful life-long interests.

Color sensitivity and color balance exists in my art and my everyday life.

Our extensive travels have opened my awareness of the many forms of art.

My Dental Hygiene and Teaching career contributed excellent manual dexterity, focused perseverance, and how to stand and work for many hours. 

Organization and pre-planning are part of my nature, so I attack my paintings!

And I believe that ceaseless creativity exists in most aspects of my daily life. It’s when I am happiest. And there is no fear of thinking "outside the box".

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2019 Flowers


After being asked to do a commission painting of flowers, I rediscovered my passion for flowers.


Waiting to dance

Painting women is a real joy - and there are so many aspects, images, and interpretations.


Desert sky at nightfall.

Palm Desert sky at nightfall.

Faces of Ladies


Fascinated by Frieda Kahlo, as well as Marilyn, of course.





This is a mixed media impressionistic horizon.